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If you hate being on camera, this is for you

Have you ever wondered how YouTubers act so natural in front of the camera?

Or how your peers post videos on LinkedIn and Facebook, talking to the camera as if it's no big deal?

It's like they have some sort of superpower that you don’t…yet.

The great news is that you can be as confident as they are, too!

Even if...

  • Your heart starts racing and your palms get sweaty as soon as you hit record
  • You think you can’t talk naturally to an inanimate object like your camera
  • Your voice starts to sound weird and not like you at all

Camera confidence is a skill anybody can get the hang of (yes, really!)

As long as they have the right system.

That’s why I’ve created this 14-day challenge.

I want more people to feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can leverage the power of video.

In this 14-day challenge, you’ll receive one email a day with a short activity designed to get you comfortable on camera.

Follow the process and within 2 weeks, you’ll go from dreaming about making videos to hitting "publish" on your first video.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

💪 The popular advice bodybuilders follow that makes all the difference for anyone trying to get comfortable on camera

📹 The most important piece of equipment you need to get started straight away (Hint: It’s not a camera or microphone)

😓 The secret technique that offloads the pressure of getting it right on the first take

🧐 The strange phenomenon that can torpedo the filming process and how you can avoid it

😎 The 3 simple rules for filming videos you need to follow if you want to look professional on camera. These rules separate the amateurs from the pros

⭐️ How to leverage the “Movie Star Effect” to get over embarrassment of seeing your face on the screen

💵 How to use the untapped power of ‘Videos for One’ to accelerate your career and grow your business (This technique landed me a $52k consulting gig)

📄 The exact video script that gets you the attention of experts and industry leaders you’ve dreamed of connecting with

📣 Why you should start sharing videos online regularly even if you have no intention of becoming a YouTube star or influencer

The best type of video you can publish quickly to save a ton of time and make your life easier

🎬 8 specific tactics professionals use to prep themselves for going on camera

🎉 And a special surprise for anyone who completes the 14-day challenge

Who's behind this challenge?

For over a decade, I’ve used videos to win proposals and connect with industry experts as the Founder/CEO of Actionworks, an education company that builds trainings for Apple, GE Aviation, and more.

I’ve also used video to teach entrepreneurship to students in 30 countries as an entrepreneurship educator and University of Texas professor. I founded 3 Day Startup, an organization supporting 15,000 entrepreneurs at 300 schools, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

So, you could say I know a thing or two about video.

And now, I want to help you showcase your experience and expertise to the world.

By creating and publishing videos, you can stand out as an expert, get the recognition you deserve, and unlock new opportunities.

This will allow you to do the work you love, have better connections, and ultimately live your purpose.

See you inside the challenge!

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